Secondary Overview


 Having a child with the character of Insan Kamil as stated in Vision of Madina are parent’s dream. It takes a great struggle in shaping the character. Therefore Secondary Madina Islamic School is committed to implementing an appropriate and supportive education system.

Relying of three aspects of IQ, ESQ, and SQ, as well as local wisdom and international insight, Madina Islamic School synergizes of three Core Curriculum, there are Kurikulum 2013 (Diknas), Cambridge, and Al-Azhar Cairo. Which with the curriculum and combined also with intensive programs from the side of Islam, science, and skill.

To realize the great ideals of Madina that are implicated in the curriculum and the programs, Madina Secondary students are educated and taught by qualified teachers according to their respective fields,  they graduates in or outside the country. Not only scientific insights are taught in and out of the classroom. But also the values and norms of Islam that Rahmatan Lil Alamin.

  • Independence Day
  • Science Club
  • Math Club
  • Wall Magazine
  • Field Trip
  • Madina Expo
  • Teacher’s Day
  • National Competition
  • Assemby / Life Skill
  • Islamic Character Building (ICB)
  • Takhossus
  • Sanlat External
  • Daurah Idul Adha
  • Qurban Day
  • Yaumun Ma’Al- Qur’an
  • Ifthor Jama’i
  • I’tikaf
  • Tahfidz Club
  • Mukhoyyam Al Qur’an
  • Student’s Orientation
  • LDKS
  • OSIS
  • Super Camp
  • Keputrian
  • Sports Day
  • IT Seminar
  • Sex Education & Anti Drugs Seminar
  • Community Services
  • Student Bazaar
  • Madina Cup
  • Research Project
  • Kepanduan
  • Student Visit

Secondary Madina Quality Assurance :


  1. Memorizing Al-Qur’an
  2. A global perspective
  3. Creative thinking, innovative and dynamic
  4. Understanding about science and technology and its development
  5. Good in worship
  6. Discipline, clean and neat in all respects
  7. Have a strong motivation and willingness
  8. Independent in everyday life
  9. Have a high awareness (empathy)
  10.  Behave honest and Responsible
  11. Integrated as Insan Kamil
  12. Able to be a leader
  13. Good at organizing
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